helcat (helcat) wrote in dystopics,

So it's time...

...to kick off this community. I came up with the idea while reading Oryx and Crake, and then, as I'm often wont to do, I put the book down and hadn't had a chance to finish it. I'm going to try to do that sometime this week.

Have any of you read it? It got a lot of buzz because people were talking about Atwood writing her second science fiction novel, but she writes dystopias. Her first one, as you all probably know, was Handmaid's Tale. Looking back on that one, I find her choice of setting really unsettling: she picked New England for her Republic of Gilead, and I believe she rationalized the choice by its Puritan heritage. I'd like to reread it and examine the similarities between Gilead and the evanglistic christians that largely populate the south, as well as in the context of the muslim oppression of women that I believe initially inspired the book.
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